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icoya eForms

icoya eForms - Bridging the Paper-to-Digital Divide
icoya® eForms is a unique solution, that revolutionizes the acquisition of data from paper contracts, invoices, customer information, and forms. Previously, form data had to be either manually acquired with time consuming and error susceptible processes, or electronically managed with cost and maintenance intensive solutions like form scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Managing paper forms with icoya® eForms eliminates these time consuming tasks, accelerates work processes, and liquidates error sources. icoya® eForms enables companies and authorities to totally automate the acquisition of any form such as a contract, receipts, order form or account application and thereby significantly reduce costs in processing form data.

This is form management today

icoya eForms Industries

A multitude of business processes today are connected by the recording and exchange of paper as well as electronic forms. This includes, for example, applications, order forms, and contracts. The predominant number of these processses require a handwritten or digital legal signature. Because the infrastructure for the digital signature is overwhelmingly unavailable especially to consumers, the process ends with classic, printed, paper forms. Today, when a sender’s signature is required for legal reasons, paper is the prevailing medium.
Managing paper forms is cost intensive: manually recording form data consumes time and personnel. In addition, manual recording is prone to error, prompting high costs induced by recognizing, forwarding, returning, correcting, and re-entering tainted information.

icoya® eForms combines the advantages of paper and electronic forms and automates the acquisition of form data. icoya® eForms eliminates mistakes and substantially reduces data acquisition and processing costs.

icoya® eForms brings the future and present together: the icoya® 2D-Barcode – the bridge from paper to the digital world

With the icoya® eForms solution, your company is able to efficiently and easily build the bridge between paper-based forms and pure electronic form management.

With icoya® eForms technology, the user’s input is saved in a producer-independent and standardized XML-Format, safely encrypted in a 2 dimensional barcode, and written into the form. This barcode is printed out with the form and, in addition to the given form data, contains the complete structure as well as an optional digital signature which guarantees form data is transmitted without falsification.

With the Date Code, the print-out contains, once again, the complete document including the digital signature in an alteration-proof form. With that, the printed document can, at any time, be transferred back into the digital format without a media break – the bridge from paper to the digital world is built...without having to change existing work processes.

The icoya® eForms Processing Engine: the professional solution tailored to your special requirements!

icoya® eForms automates all work processes in which forms are filled out and/or signed.

icoya® eForms meets the requirements of numerous work processes where forms play a role. Typical and frequent examples include internal and external application forms for data acquisition, forms in internal and external release processes, customer forms from banks and insurance companies, as well as public administration forms used by citizens and authorities.

A basic function of icoya® eForms is the central server-sided form administration and management with encompassing form search functions, a rights and role concept, as well as a freely configurable workflow system. Adminsitration and access are entirely browser-based and require no additional software.
As its core functionality, icoya® eForms facilitates the generation and acquisition of form data in 2D-barcodes. In so doing, icoya® eForms combines paper forms requiring handwritten signatures with the ability to further process these documents electronically. For this, icoya® eForms contains components for generating 2D-barcodes from XML data and corresponding scanning- and decoder- software for extracting data from 2D-barcodes. In addition, a legally valid digital signature can be generated and saved in forms and documents, e.g. faxes, by means of a 2D barcode. This signature may also include further information like time stamps, sender, and receiver data.Example of icoya eForms application form
Through this, signature verification is not only possible electronically but also in the printed out and archived paper document. Additionally, a complete digital reproduction is possible of form-based work processes involving digital signatures. This includes the direct acquisition of XML data over PDF-forms, the transmission of form data to backend systems, and support of digital signatures all the way through.

icoya® eForms automates, for example, the management of order, invoice, and application forms, e.g. for opening accounts or deposits, and offers enormous cost savings compared to manual data entry. Other application areas of icoya® eForms include the creation and processing of application forms in public administrations as well as contracts and orders between companies. Authorities and companies significantly reduce incurred form processing costs, while increasing data quality and legal security in electronic business communications. Time- and personnel-intensive, error-prone work processes for traditional form data acquisition are completely eliminated through the use of icoya® eForms. The complete electronic reproduction of form-related business processes replaces expensive paper forms and time consuming workflows and, thus, results in huge cost savings. icoya® eForms eliminates all costs of printed forms and time-consuming handling processes.

Advantages of icoya® eForms

  • Completely automates the acquisition of printed form data.
  • Removes error sources of manual data entry.
  • Easy digital integration of (printed) forms and form data.
  • No software installation necessary.
  • The paper-based encoding of data enables the logistic separation of form issuing and form processing parties.
  • Future-safe and flexible data storage in XML format.
  • Uses world-wide standards. 100% compatibility with Adobe Portable Document format (PDF). Filling-in and saving of form data using the (free) Acrobat Reader.
  • Built-in web server and database.
  • Supports complex, server-side checking of form data (also with database access)
  • Supports law-conforming digital signatures
  • Form data can be saved in XML format on the eForms server
  • Future-safe and extensible architecture based on open source technology
  • Flexible license model and immediate positive ROI
  • Future-safe. icoya® eForms is available for a variety of 32 and 64 bit operating systems: Windows 2000/2003, Linux 32/64-Bit (Red Hat, SuSE, debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu), Solaris 32/64-Bit, MAC OS X, HP-UX, OS/390, AIX.

Your Benefits

  • Significant cost reduction of form-based business processes:
    • The digital form solution minimizes costs for print and storage of paper-based forms,
    • Spares cost-intensive configuration of OCR-software and form adaptation,
    • Utmost time savings for data acquisition from printed forms,
    • Error-free data acquisition avoids high costs associated with cleaning-up faulty data sets.
  • Protection from misuse and manipulation: Inalterability of forms and form data is ensured through digital signatures.
  • Forms printed with icoya® eForms can be recognized at any time for comparison with digital data sets.

icoya® eForms’ flexible license model offers unrivaled return-on-investment

icoya® eForms users immediately reduce processing costs and only pay for optimized transactions – icoya® eForms requires no high initial investment, pleases every budget, and reduces running costs!


The icoya eForms brochure is available online in PDF format. Get it here.

icoya® eForms Overview

icoya® eForms conforms to standards

PDF Compatibility: icoya® eForms processes forms in the standardized Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Fomat). No modification of existing PDF-forms is required. Therefore, no additional effort arises for the generation of forms using icoya® eForms.

Standardized 2D Barcodes: icoya® eForms utilizes the ISO-standard barcodes PDF-417 and DataMatrix. These widely used 2D barcodes are supported by numerous suppliers.

Zope Application Server: The icoya® eForms Server is based on the open source application server Zope. Zope guarantees a high reliability and security. The powerful Zope application server is the choice of thousands of enterprises and government agencies world-wide.

Security and Digital Signature

The icoya® eForms Server supports digital signing of filled-out electronic forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows signature verification in the electronic document. The icoya® Scan Processor reads and verifies the signature in the scanned document. The stored information is protected from revision and forgery through digital signature (1024-, 2048-, 4096-Bit), encryption, and a world-wide unique form serial number.

Utilization of the existing infrastructure

  • icoya® eForms can be used with arbitrary PDF forms, the form layout is unrestricted. No additional effort is required for the set-up of forms with automated data barcodes, and conventional forms need not be retailored for icoya® eForms. Online verification of forms is easily accomplished as well.
  • Existing document scanners, hand scanners, ICR software and document archive systems can be used together with icoya® eForms.
  • Additional software besides icoya® eForms is not required.

Fully automated form data acquisition

The icoya® eForms Scan Processor accomplishes automatic acquisition of form data printed out with icoya® eForms. The eForms Scan Processor decodes the form data stored in the 2D-barcode and can export the data e.g. to text, XML, CVS (Comma Separated Values) or Microsoft Excel. Of course, it is possible to integrate the eForms Scan Processor into existing archiving solutions. Connecting icoya® Scan Processor to backend or ERP systems is also easily achieved. icoya® eForms Scan Processor supports common scanning solutions and all TWAIN-compatible scanners.

The application of icoya® eForms means...

the complete integration of online and offline form services as well as database, PDF, digital signature, and barcode processing in a single system.

Test-Drive eForms

A Flash video demonstrates an example application of icoya® eForms in the financial sector

You can test icoya® eForms online. You can find the online-demo under


We offer free evaluation versions of the icoya® eForms Server (fully featured PDF forms server) and the icoya® eForms Scan Processor (scanning 2D-barcode enabled forms and verification of digital signature codes)

eForms Server Download


The icoya® eForms server is available for the operating systems Windows 2000 und 2003 Server, Linux 32/64-Bit (Novell/SuSE, Red Hat, u.a.), Solaris (32/64-Bit), MacOS X, AIX, HP-UX and OS/390.


The icoya® eForms server is licensed on a per-server basis. By licensing icoya® eForms Server technology you will give an unlimited number of end-users (the person who fills the form) the opportunity of fill-out and print forms. In addition, once you have licensed the icoya® eForms server, the number of users allowed to use the icoya® eForms server is unlimited, i.e. the number of users who create forms, maintain content and manage access rights is not limited.


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